Roll Top Fence

Material: High quality low carbon steel
Feature: Easily Assembled, Renewable Sources
Application: Car parks, Park’s fence, Schools

Roll Top is a welded mesh panel fence that has a rolled top and bottom edge for enhanced safety and rigidity.

Wire Roll-Top Panel Fencing is an extremely versatile and popular fencing solution that is suitable across a wide range of applications. 


Suitable where safety is a consideration
Aesthetic appearance
High rigidity
Excellent through vision
Wide range of colour options
Available as a complete system

Application: Schools, Sports, Parks & Play grounds, Company premises. Stylish, versatile and durable

Wire Roll-Top Panel Fencing is visually appealing which means it integrates well into both urban and rural settings. It’s versatile nature means it is able to be attached to galvanised pipe, wooden posts, brick pillars, concrete and other building products.
Robust construction and hot dip galvanised finish ensures many years of faultless service. In the event of unforeseen damage, simplicity of replacement ensures restoration of panels can occur with a minimum of delay.
Wire Roll-Top Panel Fencing features an anti-scaling gap of vertical rods without horizontal hand or foot holds to present the maximum deterrent to climbers and vandals.

Product information

Material: Wire
Manufactured using 5.00mm OneSteel LifeMax™ wire.
Finishes: LifeMax™and Powdercoated.
Design options: Roll top and bottom.
Optional extras include: post caps, tek screws, latches and hinges, gate fitting packs, touch up paint and much more.


Commercial sites 
Industrial locations
Military installations
Schools & pre-schools
Sports facilities
Transport sector
Swimming & spa pools
Residential landscape fencing
Machine guarding

BRC Fence
BRC fence
BRC boundary fence
Roll top fence
Mesh Spacing (mm) Wire Diameter (mm)
Vertical wire  Horizontal wire
Type 1 50 150 5.0
Type 2 75 300 6.0
Panel Size
Height x Width
900  x 2400
1200 x 2400
1500 x 2400
1800 x 2400
2100 x 2400
2400 x 2400
Post Specification
Ultragal Post ø 60
(Stainless Steel U-clip & M6 Bolt 7 Nut)